After settling in on board, we sailed to a little cove in the bay in front of the most beautiful mountains. It was here that after 10 and a half years together, Sam got down on one knee and asked me to be with him forever. It wasn't a complete surprise for me (I had my suspicions and when you've been with someone for that long you tend to discuss everything) but it was the most special moment of my life and it honestly couldn't have felt more perfect (even if Sam couldn't get any words out apart from 'Will you marry me?')

Although it was forecast to rain all day, we had lovely weather and of course the sun came out during the proposal. You can watch the proposal video here thanks to a secret filming of the whole thing!

We then spent the rest of the boat trip drinking prosecco and grinning like Cheshire cats. Feeling on cloud nine (and probably a huge relief on Sam's part), we relaxed on the yacht taking in the stunning views, getting high on the sunshine (and prosecco!) and eating a lot of cheese (very important). 

If you follow me on social media then you probably know how obsessed I am with my engagement ring - Sam could honestly not have picked a more incredible ring (which he hid in his sunglasses case all the way to Montenegro). 


10th July 2018 - the most magical day ever.

Sam booked our summer holiday to Montenegro at a beautiful boutique hotel (Monte Bay Retreat). I had no idea where we were going or where we were staying so it was extra exciting for me. We settled in to the sleepy, romantic town of Perast and on our first full day we explored Kotor, a nearby town, and climbed up to the fortress (a very sweaty, but necessary tourist activity).

The day after this, Sam had booked us a private boat (Monty B Yacht) to take us around Kotor Bay. The yacht is owned by a lovely English couple and, of course to make it even better, they live on board with their two dogs.


We cooled off in the sea (I took my diamond for its first dip) and I had plenty of questions for Sam - Have you asked my Dad!? When did you get the ring!? Luckily he had asked my Dad, and my Mum, and the ring had taken 6 weeks to be delivered as opposed to 4 so he had only collected it a few days before our flight (not risky at all.)

The whole day was incredible and we cannot thank Monty B Yacht enough for making it even more magical for us (and for the endless flow of prosecco and G & T's).

Sam did exactly what he had set out to do - made our engagement the most perfect moment that we will remember forever.


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