Whey Box


IMG_5835So I have been blown a-WHEY by this rainbow package that arrived on my doorstep from Whey Box last week, and even more impressed by how convenient and delicious the protein is.

In individual sachets, it is IMG_5843SO good for breakfast or shakes on the go. After the gym in the morning before work, when I’m ready to tuck into my post workout oats, it couldn’t be any easier to stir in a sachet of Whey Box protein (apart from deciding which one to choose..) for both flavour and nutrition. The Coconut one tastes amazing – I just cook oats, coconut milk, blueberries and raspberries in the microwave and then stir in the whey protein. Easy comfort food – and I know I’m getting 20g of protein in!

The Strawberry flavour is also the most enjoyable protein shake I’ve ever had – not grainy or artificial tasting at all, but smooth and so easy to drink.

I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavours in shakes, porridge, and I’m thinking Cookies and Cream protein mug cake and Gingerbread protein energy balls are on the cards. (Ooooo and the Banana flavour in my Protein Banana Loaf).

I 100% recommend giving this protein a go if, like me, you get bored of the same flavour, and want the convenience of having it ready to go in a portioned packet. Whey Box is a subscription box where you can have all 10 flavours delivered to you each month, or you can choose your favourite ones!

Let me know that you think and what your favourite flavours are (try the code VALENTINE5 for £5 off a gift box!) – I am definitely going to be ordering more – it really is the best whey 🙂


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