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  1. Hi,

    I have recently started following you on instagram – now one of my new fav accounts and my new favourite gronola recipie!

    I would love some more health and fitness advice. I read you were willing to do taulored plans. Please tell me more. I have finished the insanity workout and now almost done kayla BBG. I am always looking for new ways to mix up and improve my workouts and try and keep my diet clean. I am not really good and cutting carbs tho… don’t know what your views on that are
    anyway I would love to know more about how I can get a plan from you.


  2. Hi Lottie, ive been following your instagram for a while now and once i saw youd become a personal trainer I was like yaas girl finally lol. Anyway if i lived in the same area I would definately be going to you however we do not (im from leeds but studying in london at the moment. I worked my butt off this summer in the gym and then I went back to uni and ive been to the gym twice since september and my diet hasnt been as clean as it was a few months ago. The upsetting thing is ive lost all my definition and hard work I built up over the summer..i focused on HIIT cardio and weight training, id never looked better. Right now im back to the same motivation and I want to look at my best for my sisters wedding in early december (my whole belly will be on display as i wanted to show off my abs..but now because i didnt maintain the clean eating and regular exercise theres nothing worth showing off abs wise)

    My knowledge of the gym is perhaps slightly above the average person, when i go i know what to do and how to use machines ect however i lack technique when it comes to certain exercises with weights (basically I only do what i know).

    Apologies for this essay of an enquiry, Im wondering if you could set up some sort of meal plan and routine for me so i can be back at a good fitness standard. I absolutely love how much you post about your knowledge on fitness and food, youre work ethic is an inspiration and I really admire you (and your body ovcourse). I know it seems like im not actually asking for anything and im just telling you my fitness over the past few months so apologies for this unstructured email.

    If you have any tips and advice to steer me back to the level that i was at id really appreciate this. I posted a picture on instagram showing my improvement in losing body fat and gaining muscle weight in a short space of time, I am very determined when I am back on the exercise grind so any info from you would not go unnoticed

  3. Hi,

    I wondered if you could give me a bit more information please 🙂


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